The Cyprus Entrepreneurship Competition is a business plan competition that aspires to nurture an entrepreneurial culture among - scientists, startup founders, and hi-tech entrepreneurs, and challenge them to transform their ideas into real business opportunities and to the leading companies of tomorrow.

CyEC welcomes business plans emerging out of some innovative technology, process, business model, or other innovations that have the potential to be developed into start-ventures or social enterprises and yet create significant competitive advantage as compared to existing solutions.

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Latest News

The CyEC 2020 Award Ceremony

The Cyprus Entrepreneurship Competition 2020 Award ceremony and pitching presentations of the Finalists will take place on Friday December 18 at 14:00 under the 5th Innovation...

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First Networking Event

The first Cyprus Entrepreneurship Competition 2020 networking event took place on Friday October 23rd at the University of Cyprus with the participation of CyEC 2020 stakeholders...

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Stage 1 Results

The CyEC2020 panel of judges successfully completed the evaluation of the applications submitted by teams from Cyprus and abroad under the Cyprus Entrepreneurship Competition 2020 program...

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1st Prize


2nd Prize


3rd Prize


Other Awards

  • Hosting in KAYAK facilities in Cambridge, Massachussets or Berlin, Germany, for 1-3 months
  • Hosting in RISE - Research Centre on Interactive Media, Smart Systems and Emerging Technologies facilities, for 6-12 months
  • Hosting in Navigator Consulting for up to 6 months in Limassol, including mentoring and business development support
  • Participating teams at the business acceleration program will have the opportunity to be selected to join directly the 6th cycle of IDEA Incubator - Accelerator
  • The 3 winners of CyEC2020 will pitch their business plan to CYBAN members, in a specially organised CYBAN Company Presentations Event

More awards will be announced soon


Alexis Pantazis

Co-founder and Executive Director, Hellas Direct , Greece

Angela Panayiotou

Manager, IDEA Cy

Elena Tanou

Vice Chairman, Top Kinisis Travel Public Ltd.

Giorgos Zacharia

President, KAYAK

Maria Tsiaka

Manager and Owner, Tsiakkastel Office Line Ltd

Philip Ammerman

Investment Advisor, Navigator Consulting Group


Alexandra Lund

Senator, World Business Angels Forum

Anastasia Constantinou

Head of Innovation Management Unit, Research Support Service at University of Cyprus

Ariana Polyviou

Lecturer, School of Business of the University of Nicosia, Cyprus

Demetrios Eliades

Research Assistant Professor, KIOS Research and Innovation Center of Excellence, University of Cyprus

Demetris Hadjisofokli

CEO, Centre for Social Innovation, Cyprus

Despo Fatta

Associate Professor/Director of Nireas, IWRC of the University of Cyprus

George K. Demetriou

CEO, Positive Group

Julio Georgiou

Associate Professor, University of Cyprus


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