29 September 2022

CyEC 2022 - Stage Link 1 Results

The CyEC 2022 is now full on power!

After successfully going through the vigorous screening and evaluation process of the CyEC 2022 organizing committee and panel of judges, we are in the fortunate position to announce the teams who made the final selection and will get the opportunity to enter the acceleration program of the CyEC 2022 competition.

The teams that were selected to enter the acceleration program:

  1. (HPF) Half past five

  2. CrowdBase

  3. DeSign Group

  4. Heroes Made

  5. Multians

  6. Pay Paya

We got interesting proposals from all levels of development and we are excited to see how teams will compete against each other to win the ultimate award and the financial prize of 17.000 euros. However we love to celebrate entrepreneurial ingenuity, therefore we are going to award a second price to the team with the best startup idea and the prize of 3000 euros.

Who will work hard? Who will run the extra mile? Whose business idea will be transformed and who will pitch the best story? We cannot wait to see all these developments in anticipation of becoming the ultimate winner, who will take it all!

Let the competition begin!