Mentors (19)

Anastasia Constantinou

Head of Innovation Management Unit, Research Support Service at University of Cyprus

Anixi Antonakoudi

PhD, MBA, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Office, The Cyprus Institute

Ariana Polyviou

Lecturer, School of Business of the University of Nicosia, Cyprus

Bendik Loevaas

Technology Entrepreneur, Co-Founding Partner

Christina Orphanidou

Senior Manager, Advisory, Data and Artificial Intelligence Lab, PwC Cyprus

Demetris Hadjisofokli

CEO, Centre for Social Innovation, Cyprus

Fabio Maria Montagnino

Head of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, The Cyprus Institute

George K. Demetriou

CEO, Positive Group

Konstantina Ioannou

Scale-up Coordinator, PwC Cyprus

Marios Loucaides

Chairman, EEET Cyprus

Menelaos A. Menelaou

Head of Academic Affairs and Student Welfare Service, University of Cyprus

Michael Tyrimos

Founder and Managing Director, Capacitor Partners

Olympia Pachoumi

Innovation Manager, KIOS Research and Innovation Center of Excellence, University of Cyprus

Pantelis Angelides

Founder and CEO, QuadPrime Cyprus Ltd

Paris A. Skourides

Associate Professor, University of Cyprus

Thalia Kyrri-Iacovou

Board of Directors, AIPFE – Women of Europe

Theodossis Trypiniotis

Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, University of Cyprus

Ulrik Lykke

Executive Director and Board Member