WECY souvenir project

  • WECY souvenir project

Honorary Mention Prize €250

The tourist industry needs a new approach to souvenir products. Our proposal looks into providing a design approach, enable for the new range of souvenir products to provide a new and alternative buying solution to tourists. A well-designed product increases the “value” of an item and at the same time its selling potential. A made in Cyprus for Cyprus approach is used. The use of high tech machinery is extensively used for the manufacturing of existing souvenir products designed by the team. Moreover, the use of online shopping for selling the souvenir products allows for a global reach in potential clientele. Our customer is anyone who has an emotional bond with Cyprus whether that came about from a short visit as a tourist or from permanent residence on the island. The market we are primarily targeting is the tourist industry, which offers a significant earning potential in terms of income as it has an inclination to buy such products but also is at multiples to the island’s current population. We consider our competitive advantage is sustainable due to its originality and the potential to offer competitive pricing if we manage to mass-produce.