• ViReHeC

Second Prize (CYP2,500)

An innovative service for Cyprus and the broader area: Healing Centers with Virtual Reality technology where a therapist can bring a patient with an anxiety disorder (phobia) in order to be treated. In Cyprus there are about 330 therapists (direct customers) and more than 3000 patients with anxiety disorders (indirect customers). Skilled Team with expertise and acquaintances/connections. Competition: 1. Exposure therapy in vivo. 2. Imaginary exposure therapy. Successful but not efficient. Why? No other option! Competitive advantages: 1. Team’s potential 2. Virtual Reality exposure therapy advantages. 15 minutes are enough to show you how this will work and become a successful network with more than 4 VR Healing Centers.

  • Marios Kyriakou
  • Maria Karekla
  • Marios Constantinou
  • Elena Nikolaou