• Telexetasis

Honorary Mention Prize 500 Euros

Open & Distance Learning (ODL) is one of the fastest growing areas in Education. Nevertheless, accredited exams of online courses are still mostly paper-based and take place on campus. This weakness relates to the inability of Higher-Education Institutes (HEIs) to deal effectively with unethical conduct and potential security threats present in a non-supervised, online test enviroment. Whereas Universities have attempted to tackle the issue by adopting alternative proctoring styles, all current solutions have various disadvantages. Telexetasis will be the first multi-modal biometric system that will allow HEIs to conduct reliable e-Exams. The system will: be fully-automated; use image data, sound, and keyboard dynamics; provide verification of the examinee’s identity for the entire duration of an exam; use readily available computing devices.Our system will be beneficial for students and HEIs alike, as it will offer high reliability & convenience, and save both money and time. It will be easy to use and will respect the students’ privacy. Telexetasis will be a top-notch product and will make a valuable contribution to the ODL of tomorrow.

Date: April 14, 2015

Category: 2012

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