• StudentLife is an online start-up with a mission to Enhance Student Life.

Inspired and guided by our mission we aim to develop innovative projects that will serve University students in Europe, starting from Cyprus. Currently, the major service of the company, which has generated great results from day one, is a novel system that can reduce the cost of accessing textbooks by more than 65%. Specifically, this service enables students to purchase new and used textbooks on, and at the end of the semester they have the option to return the textbooks and get a guaranteed buyback price, of 50% to 65% of the selling price. Moreover, the company is working towards the development of a unique ‘marketplace’ for internships, which will eventually become the bridge between academia and business world.

Third Prize 3500 Euros

  • Yiannis Hadjiconstantouras
  • Andreas Hadjiconstantouras
  • Andreas Andreou

Date: April 14, 2015

Category: 2013

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