Student Caza

  • Student Caza

Walking in a city like Athens which is heavily populated with students, you can find many “advertising” stickers, brochures and announcements from students outside universities, cafes, bus stops. This is a very common phenomenon and concerns: 1. buy or sale of products in the form of small price lists 2. general information regarding housing and job opportunities 3. various events in the city of Athens Getting in the procedure to think WHY this common phenomenon takes place you will realize and understand that there is a strong demand for exchanging information between students!!! And that is a sound business opportunity!!!! Understand how students think,their mentality, and try to find solutions concerning their 1. limited time and money to search extensively for the best possible prices 2. continuous search of places and hung out spots for new acquaintances, exchange of opinions, clubbing etc. How??? By building a website that is dedicated in meeting and fulfilling these well defined needs.

Third Prize (CYP2,000)

  • Michalis Papageorgiou
  • Vassos Vassiliou
  • Michalis Dritsas