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First Prize 10,000 Euros
Elevate-Me Promotions Ltd was founded in 2011, aiming to bring to the Cypriot market the concept of elevator advertising. Elevate-Me offers ideal advertising spaces within special snap-frames, installed inside the elevators of large buildings, which constitute our advertising network. Each building earns a commission for every ad message displayed in its frame. Recently, an elevator floor transformation feature was also launched. This implies a laminated 3D printed graphic installed on the elevator floor of the buildings with the highest traffic. Our partner network currently consists of 135 buildings, reaching 65,000 unique viewers per month and generating more than 850,000 impressions. The network consists of residential, business, recreational, student and medical buildings. The messages can reach a captive and targeted audience, delivered in a focused environment with no distractions from external stimuli. Audiences can be targeted using various preferences such as age, gender, geographic location, marital or employment status, and many more. Advertisers may target flat renters/owners, tenants with pets, focus on university students or pensioners, or even select buildings in which specific businesses operate, such as lawyers, dentists, beauticians etc. A proprietary advertising management software gives the ability to hold analytic demographic and social information about the people residing or employed in the buildings. By targeting the customers’ most desired audiences, we ensure cost effectiveness and elimination of waste of their advertising money. We have already expanded in Greece, looking into the UK and other EU countries. The company is in the process of installing LCD displays in its network’s landmark business buildings. Advertisers will be able to update their digital content many times throughout the day remotely, through the Internet, and pay on a cost per view basis. Apart from the advertising messages, live content update will be provided such as building navigation info, stock exchange news or weather forecasts, in order to augment the riders’ experience.

Date: April 14, 2015

Category: 2012

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