• Cynergy

Cynergy, a company formulated to commercialize a patented invention for converting dc to ac, may hold the key to unlock further the vast commercial potential of Fuel Cells in electricity generation; a huge emerging market in the green energy sector.
The company anticipates high penetration in this booming market by exploiting its competitive advantage on the threesome of Lower cost, Higher Power Scalability and Superior Output Quality.
Cynergy’s Team is committed through a shared philosophy and an inspirational vision: “To improve the utilization of electrical energy in the power sector and eventually make the planet greener…”.

Second Prize 5,000 Euros

  • Zenonas Achillides
  • Andreas Chrysafis
  • Elena Ioannidou
  • Dr. Elias Kyriakides
  • Dr. Nicos Nicolaou
  • Constantinos Pyrkettis
  • Dr. Hercules Vladimirou


Date: April 14, 2015

Category: 2010

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