Building with Earth

  • Building with Earth

Second Prize 5,000 Euros
Omoplintos Ltd will be manufacturing building materials, including compressed earth blocks (CEB: an improved version of the traditional adobe due to compression), rammed earth walls (RE) and natural earth plasters. It will be founded by a group of highly educated and experienced people from the sectors of architecture, construction and management consulting. It thus will offer a wide range of services and products from design to final delivery of buildings, with a specialization in earthen architecture and accompanying technologies. Production will be flexible, as it is composed of a simple line of machines, that can be easily towed to each construction site and produce the materials from the very earth taken out during the excavation of the site. This allows for really cost effective but also sustainable (in terms of the ecological footprint of the buildings) building materials produced with modern procedures and methods while at the same time remaining attractively traditional. Customers will have the option to take part in the construction process themselves, starting out with flexible training facilitated by the company. In this way the building material will cost them much less and they their own time is directly turned into value thus cutting down on cash needed.

Date: April 14, 2015

Category: 2012

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